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I love exploring things about computer, especially web and open source technologies, meanwhile having the soft power to communicate with people or even be a leader.
My dream is to create game and allow people explore creativities.

Currently working for 5xruby.tw as my first job, my experience and skills have been building up quickly to develop software for business. With rich experience about frontend and React development for 2 years, now I am leading a team building an E-commerce platform, and it has received very positive feedback from our cooperative partner.

As part of the open source community, I have contribute my exploration of web and open source technologies through 4 conference talks and patches to open source projects.


2017/2 ~

Rails/Full-stack Engineer at 5xRuby

QuickBuy E-commerce Platform and App

Project Lead communicating and working with foreign partner, leading the team building a MVP in 3 months

Improve user experience of the E-commerce App considering both Android and iOS based on React native

Setup App build automation and save time for the team the CI/CD flow from git push to Testflight and Google Play within 20 minutes using fastlane

Improve management site of the E-commerce platform on top of Ruby on Rails with React frontend

Shopmatic E-commerce Platform

Successfully Done a complex migration without any downtime
converting half million customized webpage data to change from HTML format to React props. Utilizing Elixir, it can be done in 20 minutes while listening to database changes and do live migration

Boost frontend maintainability and user experience by rewriting rich-user-interaction pages using React

Modernize frontend assets bundling, making development and deployment less heavy integrating frontend workflow such as webpack with Rails, reducing compiling time from 20+ minutes to 5 minutes

Improve and maintain backend of the E-commerce platform with Ruby on Rails


Languages Skills

English: able to hold daily conversation and meeting

Chinese: native

IT Skills / Knowledges

Experienced Programming Languages: Javascript, Ruby, Elixir

Learning Rust, has written C/C++, Python, Java, PHP, Golang

Frontend: React, Redux (Thunk)

HTML, Vanilla Javascript, jQuery, CSS, Boostrap, Webpack, Babel

Ruby on Rails

Devise, Doorkeeper, CarrierWave, ActiveAdmin, Rspec

Linux, ArchLinux, Shell scripting, Docker, Git, PostgreSQL






2015/8 ~

2013/8 ~


2012 ~

2009 ~

Blog Posts

MacOS homebrew for multiple users setup


I was trying to setup a mac server for multiple users, here is some steps setting up for homebrew

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Notes of creating an AUR package


Just a note written down when creating an AUR package fix-bt-a2dp

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Webassembly - run native code on browser using Rust


用 Rust 試玩 Webassembly 做個 Conway’s game of life

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WebRTC - Real-Time Communications on the web


大家應該都聽過 WebSocket,讓瀏覽器和伺服器兩者之間可以建立持久性的連接,並進行雙向數據傳輸;那 WebRTC 是什麼?


LitElement - 像 React 一樣寫 WebComponent


WebComponent, Web 自身改善 DOM 包裝方式的嘗試, 以 LitElement 當成範例

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tmux ,不只是 terminal multiplexer


TMux, terminal multiplexer, 讓你在文字界面下可以開多個 tab, 但是他能做的比這個更多

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Notes of setting up ArchLinux for daily use

Will keep updating

Kind of sorted out version of archlinux wiki for myself

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